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The Top 3 Services and Tools for Free Email Marketing : Lookinglion

Almost 4 billion people utilize an email platform daily. With this purpose, scaling email marketing services is indispensable. Also, the digital marketing landscape is changing rapidly. Seeing that, email remains a vital tool or strategy for businesses to thrive. 

Moreover, Lookinglion has been meticulously curated. If you want to build relationships with customers, congratulations! Since email marketing is your best bet, we’ll discuss several tools to help you choose the best. 

The best email marketing tools will help you amplify your outreach. Lookinglion perfectly integrates email marketing platforms. In 2023 and beyond, email marketing tools serve as instruments of cohesion.

So, if you’re one of 87% of B2B marketers looking for email marketing, here’s the best guide for you. 

Ready to boost your business to a higher level? Let’s delve into it! Now, we’re discussing the best email marketing platforms. 

Importance of Email Marketing

The world of marketing in 2024 won’t be the same as in the past. Given that, email marketing allows more people to connect powerfully. The complicated world of B2C/B2B marketing requires building stronger connections. Now, this is where the importance of email marketing grabs your attention. 


Further, it offers a blend of innovative ideas and plans. People can take a greater interest in your products and services. So, the top email marketing tools will help you match your brand’s style. 

Lookinglion offers more than a dozen email marketing tools. Hence, the email messages you send will help your ideas flow. Moreover, you can create more stories. They granted that you can uniquely represent your brand. Therefore, email marketing is more than a technology. It’s the SMARTEST way to build connections. 

Also, lookinglion works at the heart of all changes. It creates automatic plans to improve email marketing. Given that, your ideas can flow smoothly. Afterward, you can create stories and demonstrate your brand more effectively. 

With that said, the future of email marketing in 2024 looks exciting. So, it’s the best time to use technology to foster creative ideas. Besides, data is increasing ever more in the industry. So, you must be ready to face the music. Now, e-commerce AI ensures a stable harmony. So, lookinglion is planning to revolutionize email marketing in 2024. Above all, here are a few ideas. 

  • It improves the reach of all organizations. 
  • It also helps to create solid client relationships.  
  • Further, you can engage a broader audience segment.  
  • Provided that, you can enhance customers’ loyalty. 
  • Boost your revenues and sales. Get more conversions.  
  • Boost your brand recognition.  
  • Stronger outreach to customers. 
  • Monitor and measure your outcomes. 

With this intention, choosing the best tool out there could be more challenging. If you’ve been experimenting with different tools, stop doing it! Instead, we suggest you choose one after reading this post. 

As you read our post till the end, you’ll feel confident! Besides, you will get a good idea of which tool to use. Since some tools are free, you can use many free features. 

Top 3 Email Marketing Services Platforms

Reaching your target customers online has never been so important. The most crucial tool remains email marketing. Further, a plethora of email marketing services are emerging. Hence, choosing one to suit your needs can be challenging. Now, here’s some good news! 

So, let’s dive into our top three email marketing services lookinglion. Also, these services offer the best features and pricing. So, you will get something more to reach your customers. Now, we’ll focus more on their features. Besides, pricing discussion is also essential. So, the beneficial email marketing services we chose are: 

  •  Mailchimp
  • Hubspot 
  • Brevo 

Seeing that, let’s help you choose the best tool. 

1. MailChimp

You must be focusing on improving your marketing efforts. Now, that is a quest for effectiveness in this competitive era. Secondly, your business efficiency requires marketing automation platforms. Among those tools, MailChimp stands as a pinnacle. 

So, what is MailChimp? The platform is rendered as the most popular one for email marketing. It isn’t an ordinary tool. Instead, it provides organizations with sophisticated tools. With that said, Mailchimp comes with a suite of tools. Hence, these tools help you manage and optimize your campaigns. Bingo!! 

Also, MailChimp has been around for a while. In 2001, MailChimp emerged and evolved in the marketing sphere. Also, it became a leading marketing automation system. Provided that, millions trust it to date. Therefore, across the globe, MailChimp is the first choice of email marketers worldwide. 

Key Features

  • MailChimp comes with lucrative templates. Also, they are pre-designed and responsive. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner. It suits you the best. 
  • MailChimp makes things EASY. Yup! First, it helps you smoothly register your brand. So you can share them on social networks easily. Moreover, it also helps to share them on your website.  
  • You can personalize your emails. Now, Mailchimp offers more than 300 integrations—nothing like that on the planet. 

2. HubSpot


Further, our second pick is HubSpot. Alternatively, if you don’t use MailChimp, it is the best choice for email marketing. Also, it is the most accessible platform in the world. Second, you can change your content to suit your brand. It offers a customizable layout. So, you find it easy to add (CTA) calls-to-actions and photos. 

Prominent Features

  • Now, with Hubspot, your emails rock! It offers impressive customer-focused features. So you can create excellent emails. Also, there are dozens of templates to use.  
  • Besides, you can personalize your emails. Subsequently, you can add more subscribers. Also, for each of them, you can increase email open rates.
  • Furthermore, it is easy to test the efficiency of emails. For that purpose, the AB testing tool is marvelous. 

3. Brevo


Are you interested in creating mobile-friendly emails? Brevo is your cloud-based partner to ensure marketing innovation. It offers a suite of marketing automation, email campaigns, transactional emails, and SMS messages functionalities. Brevo allows users to create mobile-responsive emails using design tools.


Above all, Brevo email marketing suits all types of organizations. Because it offers automation, your email campaigns thrive. Also, it ensures your SMS messages go smoothly. Moreover, using Brevo, you can create mobile-responsive emails. 

Brevo users can schedule their marketing tasks well. It sends transactional emails as well. Hence, you can send them using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service or API. Further, it offers a contact management feature. So, it’s an excellent functionality that helps to import contacts. Therefore, you can easily categorize your lists with Brevo. 

Finally, Brevo is only $25 per month. So, if you love the free version, purchase it! 

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Services Lookinglion Platform?

Although we have mentioned three email marketing services, they aren’t the ultimate ones. So, you can choose any one of them. Or requirements may be different for each. 

Truth Bomb: Only you’re the one who can choose the best tool for yourself!  

Meanwhile, let us lend a helping hand to guide you. Consider the following things while choosing the best email marketing tools.  

1. Ease of Use: The desirable tool should have a user-friendly interface. So, it should be simple. 

2. Customization and Templates:  The tool should have a variety of customizable email templates. This will help to match your brand. 

3. Automation Capabilities: Also, the tool should embrace automation. So, it should have autoresponders and triggered emails.  

4. Management of Contacts: The tool should have contact management features. Hence, it should be able to export and import contacts.  

5. Analytical Reports: The tool with powerful analytics can help you thrive. With that said, you can track your emails quickly. Also, it should measure click-through rates.  

6. Proper Integration: The tool should integrate with other platforms. So, if it works with customer relationship management (CRM), it is super. Also, the integration should be with social media platforms.  

7. Compliance: The tool should comply with email marketing regulations. So, these include GDPR or CAN-SPAM. Hence, this way, emails have no chance of reaching your subscribers.  

8. Customer Support: The value of customer support is always maintained. With that said, it should have a live chat. Further, email support is also vital. Hence, a tool with a good knowledge base can assist users.  

9. Pricing and Scalability: the tool should provide for future expansion. So, it should have scalable pricing options.

A Few Final Thoughts  

Your digital strategy is only complete with email marketing. Choosing the best email marketing service is a challenge. So, if you want to choose the RIGHT service, these pivotal marketing tools are essential to consider. Moreover, using the best email marketing tool is indispensable. Since it fosters impressive communication, it’s a communication-booster. After all, you cannot use tools that do not ensure growth. 

So, choose the right tool after considering your particular needs. In addition, you need scalability and pricing to be perfect. Therefore, you need to choose wisely. You are granted that it will ensure unlocking the power of email marketing. It will drive business success.  

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