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How to Use WhatsApp Channel for Business Branding

We all are aware of WhatsApp’s tremendous success over the years. This social app has improved the interaction of millions of professionals with digital technology. But WhatsApp is evolving rapidly, and we have great new updates for you to consider. So stick around!  

Let us end your suspense. The updates are related to WhatsApp Channels for business branding. The feature is dedicated to the business community to enhance the effectiveness of their customer relationship. 

The opportunity to provide seamless customer support to your audience will engage them with your brand more closely. However, there are some roles and protocols that you must follow before starting your business campaigns. 

In this post, we are going to present an in-depth discussion of WhatsApp Channels for branding. You’ll learn how to use it. How to make business campaigns and what protocols you must follow.

Read the article to revolutionize your marketing strategies to increase brand awareness!

Whatsapp Channels: New Update in the Digital World

A broadcasting tool to send messages to a large number of consumers via WhatsApp has stepped into the market. It is a way to communicate to a large audience at once without consuming too much time and money. 

One message to reach millions of people.

It is a direct style of communication that engages your consumer more closely. It will increase the customer’s trust and update them about new launches, products and news about your company. The new feature is about making brand awareness easy and getting loyal customers.

Do You Want to Create One?

The first thing you need to know about using a WhatsApp channel is to create a “WhatsApp business account” for product branding or regular WhatsApp for personal use. The process is not difficult; just follow the steps to start your WhatsApp campaign. 

For Regular Use: Update Your Account

If you are a regular user, you must update your app using the update option in the settings section. The feature is open for everyone; you can launch the update by your app store. However, if you are still unable to reach it, you can apply for the waiting list. It is because the feature is new, and WhatsApp is distributing it in phases to its users. 

If you want to use it for business branding, you need a business account:

For Business: Create a Business Account

You need to create a WhatsApp business account by following the below-given steps:

  1. Find a meta business manager and select “Create an account.”
  2. Select the business account in settings.
  3. The “add” > “create a WhatsApp account.”
  4. Then, provide the necessary details such as name, purpose, zone, currency, optional payments and order numbers, which are also optional. 
  5. After adding people, select a permission level.
  6. Select “Assign.”

After creating it, follow the next step to create a channel on Android and iOS.

Create a WhatsApp Channel on Andriod | iOS | Browser

To create a whatsApp channel, you need to update the app and then follow the steps:

    • In updates, click “Plus” and click “new channels.”
    • Click continue and get onscreen prompts for further process.
    • Give your channel a name.
  • Channel Customization

The last but important step is introducing your channel. You must give a business description or why you created the channel. You can add emojis, stickers and images to grab attention according to your purpose.

  • After that, select “Create channel”, and your work is done.

The process is the same for all of them; it’s just different if you use it for personal and business use, as you must create a business account first.

How to Use WhatsApp Channels?

Whatever you will share on your WhatsApp channel it will be public. The information or posts will be visible to:

  • The people who follow you will see all the information from the beginning.
  • The people who do not follow you can see the posting of the last 30 days.
  • You can share links, images, media updates from other platforms and brand updates for broadcasting.

If you are ready to share your content with the audience, here are some guidelines you can follow:

  1. Open your channel page.
  2. Start creating a post.
  3. You can change the text format with bold and underlined options. You can use images and stickers. Otherwise, the content will look less appealing.
  4. You can share links; the link will show a clickable image if the content has one. You can edit photos, videos and content according to your needs.

Notice: The viewers and followers will be able to save any shared media or information in the channel.

Important Guidelines You Need to Know

Meta has shared some guidelines for channel admins to increase the effectiveness of their use. It is necessary for admins to keep those instructions in mind:

“Channel admins must send high-quality organized material for their audience. Avoid sending too many posts, as it will disturb the follower and forces them to unfollow you. The title must be according to the shared information. It will help the user to follow the channels relevant to their interest”

To make your content according to Meta’s instructions, follow the given strategies:

  • Your content must be legal without any illegal activity. Content that includes sexual abuse, self-harm, explores terror or is against the child protection protocols falls under this category. Moreover, you cannot break intellectual property rights either.
  • The content that causes serious harm to people is also restricted, such as suicidal or exploitation ways bullying videos that prompt sexual assault or sexual violence among any age. Information about human trafficking and child threads will also cause issues for your channels as this information encourages people for suicide or self-harm.
  • Do not share false and scam information to misrepresent your business or brand. It will fall under fraud.
  • Keep audience-oriented content according to the age of your viewers. If your channel is for kids, do not share videos and content with intense violence.

Users can report any violence of these instructions, and WhatsApp will take action. The company can remove the information, suspend your updates or delete your channel.

How Can it Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategies?

The best thing about WhatsApp is that it provides two-way communication, an engaging and innovative way to enhance your brand’s awareness. The channels have revolutionized the marketing industry, as it has increased brand awareness, driving loyalty in customers and enhancing closeness and more frequent customer engagement. There are some ways in which WhatsApp revolutionized your marketing strategies:

Made Your Customer Engagement More Personalized

Closer communication means providing the opportunity to create a personal relationship with the customer. It makes a sense of customer loyalty. Moreover, you can make personalized messages and easy descriptions to introduce your brand. It will increase the conversion rate between you and your customer.

Instant Consumer Support and Feedback

You can provide instant services with automated and frequent messages. You can answer the queries quickly to make them engaged with your channel. This frequent response, queries and feedback create a positive impression of your brand and services. People start trusting your products and become more interested in your services.

Updates and Notifications on Launches and Promotions

You can share order confirmation details, and delivery and departure updates quickly. This will keep your customer in the loop and develop a sense of transparency in your process. Moreover, you can easily make your customers aware of your product promotions and launches. You can share templates and a series of updates about new products to increase suspense and curiosity among the viewers.

Connect Your Channel with e-Commerce Platforms

If you connect your channel with other e-commerce websites and apps to reach the customer, they can receive updates frequently. It will also drive you to make transactions through WhatsApp channels. 

Whatsapp Branding is Helpful: Statistically Speaking

Millions of people use WhatsApp for their personal as well as business use. Some statistical facts about WhatsApp prove that it is the best platform for brand promotion.

  • 2 Billion People Use WhatsApp Once a Month

WhatsApp has more users than Facebook and other chatting apps. It means you can reach more audiences on one platform without making too much effort.

  • 3.58% of Users use WhatsApp More than Once in a Day

WhatsApp is a direct messaging app which provides an easy sharing of personal and professional information. It is known through surveys that, on average, a person uses it 143 times per month.

  • Reach Audiences within Big Markets

Most WhatsApp users in 2020 were from the USA, UK and India, and three of them were from the global business sectors. It means you can make your brand popular among consumers from big markets via WhatsApp channels.

So, if you know the marketing statistics, you can see WhatsApp branding will not disappoint you. However, you need to learn effective marketing strategies.


WhatsApp channels have become a source of direct, meaningful connections between customers and businesses. With this new WhatsApp update, a successful, promising marketing campaign will be at your service. However, follow the instructions given by WhatsApp and make your content by keeping every protocol in consideration. This will keep your channels safe from any problem and enhance customer or viewer engagement. No doubt, it is a powerful tool for business branding in the digital world; it’s just up to you how you do that. 


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