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Importance of SSL Certificate in Your SEO Rankings

When ranking a website in the SERPs (Search engine result pages), Google considers two hundred ranking factors. However, SEO experts need to possess an understanding of how specific algorithms work. 

Google has carefully protected this information to keep SEO manipulation at bay. Besides, Google can overhaul ranking results with unfair means using these particulars. 

On the 6th of August, 2014, Google claimed a very particular thing. It said that the websites having an SSL certificate benefit more in the SERPs. How can SSL certificate influence search engine rankings? There’s no need to stress out.

Today, we’ll shed light on the crucial importance of SSL certificate in your SEO results.

Understanding SSL Certificate

Before we move further, let’s clearly understand the basics of SSL certificate. SSL is abbreviated as ‘Secure Sockets Layer.’ However, it is a digital certificate that validates the web identity. Also, it permits an encrypted connection. In short, SSL certificate are a security protocol building an encrypted link between the browser and server of a site.

Apart from this, SSL verifies that the data transfer between two systems is impossible to read. It is also called an ‘SSL handshake.’ So, the SSL process takes place in only a matter of milliseconds. Websites must have this certificate to ensure user data security.

How Does An SSL Certificate Protect Websites?

SSL certificate serve as a security measure to keep the data exchange between a website and a server protected. In short, SSL certificate are the core element in securing different websites with SSL. This is actually an attention-seeking trustworthiness badge installed on a number of web pages through HTTPS.

So, it doesn’t matter what types of websites netizens are visiting. Because their browsers inspect the SSL certificate. However, the primary purpose of doing so is to verify the true identity of the owner of all those websites. If everything seems legal to the visitors, they would not fear adding their sensitive information to access the websites.

This is how generating HTTPS-secured sites help increase user’s confidence. With the help of an improved user experience, businesses can get higher rankings in search engine results. So, installing SSL certificate is vital for web security and SEO success.

What Role Does SSL Play in SEO?

When it comes to increased SEO rankings scores, SSL is essential. As aforementioned, SSL certificate generate a secure link between the website and the potential visitors. This certificate basically does so by encrypting the information exchanged, including credit card and password information. 

Having websites with valid SSL certificate means Google will view them as a sign of trustworthiness. This is the very reason Google will increase the SEO ranking results for your leading websites. In all, ensuring SSL certificate can be extremely advantageous for not only keeping the visitors safe but also for search engine optimization.

How Does SSL Certificate Affect SEO Rankings?

Most people invest in hiring reliable SEO services for improved search engine ranking results. But, they need to learn the crucial significance of SSL certificate in SEO. 

Besides, SSL certificates can affect SEO ranking results in many ways, as given below:

A Ranking Signal

Google has claimed that SSL certificate serve as the ranking signal. So, the websites with such SSL may rank much higher compared to the ones with no SSL certificate. This shows that having SSL can significantly improve the SEO of your potential site.

Prevent Security Warnings

Another leading way SSL certificate can impact search engine optimization is by halting security warnings. In short, it helps ensure that security warnings don’t get displayed in users’ browsers. When a user visits a website with no valid SSL, a warning sign may display on the screen indicating that the website is not safe and secure. It can discourage visitors from reaccessing the site, negatively impacting the SEO results.

Improves the Web Speed

Adding more, SSL certificate are also essential in improving web speed. Web speed is also a critical factor in search engine optimization. Also, SSL can authorize HTTP/2, which is the HTTPS protocol’s new version. However, HTTP/2 can increase the speed of your website by reducing the page loading time. This way, visitors will stay more on the website. Besides, it’ll consequently leave a positive impact on your leading website.

Improved User-Experience

SSL certificate are also necessary as they provide an improved user experience. When a user visits the website with SSL, a padlock icon will be displayed on the address bar. This icon demonstrates that the website is secured and all the data is encrypted. Hence, users tend to trust websites with SSL certificate more than others.

Puts a Stop to Data Breaches

Aside from protecting user information, SSL certificate put a stop to data breaches as well. It leads to improving the overall credibility and reputation of your website. In short, websites with a good reputation attract a larger number of visitors and retain them. It would result in improving search engine optimization results of your leading website.

Types of SSL Certificate and What SSL Certificate to Choose?

Domain-Validated SSL (DV SSL)

DV SSL certificate include 256-bit encryption. They show compatibility with 99.9% of mobile and web browsers. So, if you want to validate the domain of your website, it is a worthwhile choice to embrace domain-validated SSL certificate. Whether your site has a non-www or www domain version, a single DV SSL is enough to secure both.


  • 256-bit robust encryption
  • Insurance within minutes
  • No documentation is required
  • Alternative options, like Multi-Domain and Wildcard features

Organization Validation SSL (OV SSL)

OV SSL certificate offer higher trust by validating the business’s legitimacy and identity. It comprises a powerful 256-bit and 2048-bit signature encryption. Moreover, OV SSL is a trust indicator that ensures the website keeps your data confidential. Also, this certificate keeps your website protected from hackers and many other phishing attacks.


  • Unlimited server Reissuance and license
  • Comprise authenticated organization information
  • Works with 99.9% of devices, mobile phones, and browsers
  • 2048-bit SSL certificate

Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL)

Above all, EV SSLs are the next-level SSL certificate. It activates the legal identity and padlock field in different browsers. Besides, hackers can’t perform phishing attacks using extended validation SSL certificate. With the help of extended validation SSL certificate, online visitors can easily discriminate between original and fake websites.


  • Issued within one to five business days
  • 99.9% mobile and web browser support
  • Comprise 256-bit encryption
  • Increased transaction conversion rates

It is best to choose EV SSL certificate because they have advanced and high-security features.

The Final Verdict

In today’s digital world, surviving and thriving have become more challenging. All you need is a completely encrypted website. For this reason, you must ensure you have proper SSL certificate. Your website should be 100% safe and encrypted. Since EV SSL certificate provide more security, it is worthwhile to choose this option. 

Let’s together embrace the power of SSL certificate in boosting SEO ranking results.

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