What Is WordPress?

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How does WordPress work?

If you've Googled "what is WordPress," you've probably done it after you've visited one. One in three websites use WordPress to create their websites - that's more than 38 per cent. WordPress is considered incredibly user-friendly and easy to use, which is why you'll find it easy to design a website with it. i

Developers of the original WordPress were interested in creating a place where people were free to share their experiences with others. This is what they came up with:

  • It is free to try out.
  • Change the WordPress code as you wish.
  • It is free for commercial use.

Okay, so what exactly is WordPress and what does it do?

There are lots of uses for WordPress, such as:

  • Those websites
  • Websites for businesses
  • Weblogs
  • Apps
  • Portals that are complex
  • Everything you can think of

In WordPress, themes determine the look and feel of your site, while plugins add functionality like contact forms and SEO tools. It’s basically a WordPress web designer that handles the branding and a WordPress web developer that does the coding.

A WordPress website offers endless possibilities, but you’ll need a professional team to make it happen.

How does WordPress work?

Now that we’ve talked about what WordPress is and what it’s used for, it’s time to get into what WordPress web design can do for your business – and no, you don’t need to be an experienced WordPress designer or developer to get the most out of it.

Find your website online first, then you’ll get more sales. After that, you must ensure that your website is appealing to customers and contains all the information they need. Your site must be accessible to them as well.

With WordPress design services, you can create anything you want your business website to be.

You need WordPress development if you want a good site. It’s because:

Design Flexibility for WordPress Websites

If you hire a WordPress pro, you get a web platform that’s totally customizable and an ideal tool for creating just about any type of site. Whether your business is an e-commerce store, a blog, or your business website, make it look the way you want it to. One of more than 5,000 free WordPress themes can be used to create an original template from scratch.

CMS that's easy to use

It shouldn’t be hard to manage your site. The WordPress platform was built for non-techies so that it could easily be used by them. If you have a WordPress admin dashboard, you can easily add or update your website’s content without having to be a developer.

Plugins to make your website more powerful

Although WordPress may be known as a simple web editor, it holds a lot of power in terms of web design. You can add a wide array of features to your website with the help of plugins, such as custom forms, visual sliders, powerful analytics, and SEO tools. You can build a complete WordPress website with 50,000 free plugins (and counting).

WordPress Website Design That's SEO-Ready

The platform makes it easy to optimize your site, as well as offers great WordPress SEO plugins. Build a solid WordPress SEO foundation by adding metadata to your posts, adding keywords to your permalinks, and adding alt text to your images. Plugins and themes for WordPress are known for providing a great user experience, which is why Google rewards them with higher rankings.

We ensure that your business website is performing well, attracting more traffic, and generating more leads. By working with a WordPress website design agency, you can gain the benefits of a fast, optimized site for a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.

A lot of website development companies are focusing more on search engine optimization (SEO) than on user experience (UX) – great for search engines, but even better for conversions and customer retention.

Learn how to build a WordPress website for sales through our WordPress development services and let us show you how to design a WordPress website for users. Get in touch today.

Writing content

WordPress’ early adopters will tell you that it was mainly known for its easy-to-use publishing tools. In addition to blogs and product information pages, our goal is to keep your site updated with written content. Using relevant and insightful blogs that target your industry, we position your company as a thought leader.

Optimizing WordPress for search engines

The advantages of WordPress can be discussed with any WordPress agency, and the majority of them will cite Matt Cutts, the senior Google employee who said WordPress covers 80-90% of the needs of SEO. Our WordPress development company can help boost your search performance using tools that are SEO friendly. Creating and monitoring your keyword strategy is an integral part of our WordPress design services.

Optimising conversions (CRO)

Want to find out how to turn a WordPress site into a lead generation machine? By combining WordPress with conversion rate optimization strategies, we can make your website easier to use and decrease friction. Using an optimized user interface and smooth browsing experience, our WordPress web design company will slide your visitors down the sales funnel.

Services for WordPress web design

Become Easily Found Online With a Site Optimized for Search

We build sales-driven websites

Working with us has the advantage of knowing how sales will be generated. Our WordPress web design prices include your marketing needs seamlessly. For your site to be more sales-focused, we include clear calls to action, simplify navigation, and conduct A/B tests to figure out what's working.

Our Website Analytics is the best

It's the cornerstone of your digital marketing and brand campaigns. You can measure your campaign success with our advanced analytics and tracking tools. Part of our WordPress maintenance service is making sure your data is accurate.

Staying on top of things

Our WordPress designers stay up-to-date on the latest trends so you'll be a leader in your field. Whenever there are changes to software, ADA guidelines or search engine algorithms, our WordPress development strategies are updated to keep up. Our WordPress development strategies are always up-to-date.

WordPress Web Design Services

Attract More Customers With a Top-Performing Website

Professional WordPress Design and Development

Our years of experience in professional WordPress design and development enable us to deliver a website that generates profitable results for your business. A dedicated WordPress designer finds the right SEO-friendly theme for you and a WordPress developer is available to tweak the code to suit your preferences. Our WordPress agency creates your site with stellar design and functionality.

WordPress Management

We know how to build a WordPress website that you are 100 percent satisfied with — and the way to achieve it is often through HTML and CSS. The WordPress platform does most of the technical heavy-lifting and our WordPress management services fill the gaps. Rely on our WordPress design company for content placement and maximizing the platform’s vast customization options.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance services are absolutely necessary. WordPress, like any other software, releases updates to enhance the platform’s performance and it can affect aspects of your site. You need our WordPress maintenance services to ensure your site runs smoothly as platform changes take effect. Our WordPress company creates regular backups to safeguard your web content.

Content Writing

If you ask the platform’s early users, “what is WordPress used for,” they’ll tell you about the easy-to-use publishing tools it was primarily known for. Our WordPress management services include updating your site with written content such as blogs and information pages for your products and services.Our WordPress design agency establishes your brand as a thought leader through relevant, insightful and industry-specific content.

WordPress SEO

Ask any leading WordPress web design agency about the platform’s advantages and most will quote Matt Cutts of Google saying WordPress covers 80 to 90 percent of your SEO needs. Your basic site structure is SEO-friendly and the role of our WordPress development company is to use tools to bolster your search performance. Creating and monitoring your keyword strategy is central to our WordPress design services.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Want to know how to design a WordPress site to become a valuable lead generation tool? Our WordPress services include CRO strategies focused on minimizing friction in every corner of your site and ensuring maximum usability. Trust our WordPress web design company to slide your site visitors down your sales funnel through an optimized user interface and smooth browsing experience.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO and WordPress web design services go hand-in-hand to ensure your site is mobile-responsive and optimize your website infrastructure for search engine crawling and indexing. Part of our WordPress development services is auditing your header tags, URL structures, image alt attributes and sitemap for top search performance. Expect dedicated WordPress support services from our technical SEO experts.

WordPress Custom Website Design

If your site requirements exceed what existing WordPress templates provide, our WordPress design services agency creates an SEO-friendly custom theme for you. Your WordPress web designer works with you to understand the functionality you want to achieve and utilizes powerful plugins to make it happen — or even have a WordPress web developer program a plugin with PHP.

WordPress Website Hosting

Our competitive WordPress website design pricing is packaged with top-tier hosting services. WordPress provides freedom to choose a hosting provider — giving a WordPress company more control over your page speed. Our WordPress agency only hosts WordPress websites, so you can rely on our 24/7 monitoring to protect your site data from threats and provide lightning fast page load times.

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