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What is Digital Marketing

Businesses are adopting digitalmarketing approach to promote their offerings. It concerns online campaigns seen on mobile screens, tablets, computers, and other devices. In America, around 75% of people use the Internet to fulfill their business goals. Among them, 26% remain online 24/7 while 43% go online more than once a day. These facts and figures show that digital marketing is playing a crucial role in the trading industry. What is digitalraketing? It is a technique used for promoting a business or targeting a potential audience by using digital or online platforms. Let’s uncover this detailed guide to know more about digital marketing.

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What is the Importance of Digital Marketing?

Marketing has been turning the table for business for many years. However, marketing methods and techniques get updated with technology and innovation. In the old days, people used traditional marketing techniques that demands high costs for promotion. This type of marketing was concerned with the following elements;

Referral MarketingPrint MarketingBroadcasting
Traditional Marketing Methods
One-to-one MarketingDirect MailOutdoor Marketing

Now, people have shifted to online platforms for shopping and business promotions which is a cost-effective promotion method. According to April 2023 record, there were 5.18 billion internet users worldwide. With digital marketing, you can communicate with your audience and increase your business profit. 

What are the Types of Digital Marketing

As we are living in an era full of technology and innovations, we have many sources for digital marketing. Based on sources, there are around 10 types of digital marketing that entrepreneurs use for the promotion of their businesses by running online campaigns Let’s discover them in detail.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is not actually marketing but it is tools that play an important role in digital marketing. By making a complex of SEO and online marketing, you can surprisingly boost the worth of your business. These strategies together can develop your online presence, hit a suitable audience, provide a cost-effective digital advertising solution, and build a strong brand. You must consider some factors to enjoy the benefits of SEO optimization. According to current Google Analytics, the following are the factors that can affect your SEO.

Quality of contentNumber and quality of inbound links
Mobile-friendlinessLevel of user engagement

When one uses SEO digital marketing strategy, he must take care of optimized URLs, page loading time, and broken links. All these factors increase the efficiency of a website and enable Google to crawl content perfectly.

2. Content Marketing

According to research, 84% of companies want high-quality content to benefit their visitors. Likewise, 62% of the company’s employees create online advertising content. Moreover, 92% of companies only demand justified content for their businesses. It means that content should be of high quality to meet the expectations of businesses. According to experts, the quality of content can significantly influence SEO results. By using suitable keywords, you can target your audience and boost your business. Moreover, SEO and good-quality content can influence your website ranking. Well, the main purpose of content is to generate leads and convert them into sales. Thus, your content and SEO strategies must balance each other.

Types of Content Used for Digital Marketing

Blog posts Newsletters Whitepapers
E-books Video or audio transcripts Infographics

3. Social Media Marketing

Today’s generation is highly active on different social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. People spend most of their time scrolling news feeds and exploring the latest trends. Targeting your audience through these sources can give exciting results. And this strategy comes under the terminology of Social Media Marketing. Whether you are dealing in B2B or B2C circle, social media can attract many audiences. In 2022, Content Marketing Institute conducted research and found that 61% of B2B content advertisers adopted social media platforms to market their products or services.

Social Media Business Digital Marketing Strategies

You must practice the following social media business digital marketing strategies to get fantastic results from your social media campaign.

  • Post your content at the right time.
  • Schedule your social media postings.
  • Stay active on your targeted social media platforms.
  • Hire social media manager to manage things perfectly.
  • Invest your time to write engaging and converting content.
  • Understand your audience’s needs and solve their queries.
  • Interact with your audience by replying to their questions & comments.

4. Email Marketing

Unlike conventional marketing or traditional advertising methods, digital marketing is vast and uses different sources for business promotion. Email marketing looks simple but it is actually a complex approach for marketing purposes. First and foremost, you need to know that your target is interested in your services or products. Second, your email must contain exciting and engaging content that can impress your audience. According to research, 89% of email markets have claimed that is the best leading method of online advertisement.

5. Pay-per-click Marketing

While scrolling through a website or watching videos, you see Google ads marketing different products and services. When you click on ads and visit the targeted page, the marketing company pays for it. It means that pay per click (PPC) is a pocket-friendly marketing method in which you only pay for the ads seen by viewers. However, some specialties must be managed well to get good results. For example, you must understand how and when people will take interest in your ads. PPC has further types and one of the most common ones is search engine marketing and many firms use Google to run Google ads. In this category, digital marketers have the option to track their campaigns and check the overall output.

6. Affiliate Marketing

It is a recent update in the world of digitalmarketing. In this method, website content writers promote the services and the products of another’s business. When someone purchases your promoted product, you get a commission in return. Around 83% of marketers take advantage of affiliate marketing to increase their brand recognition.

If you are a business owner, you will share some percentage of your earning with your affiliate. And if you work as a retailer, you need to equip your partner with useful tools so that he can execute good results. Whether you are an article content writer who is promoting someone’s business or a business owner, your first step should be making a strong connection with the other party.

7. Mobile Marketing

Another method that is common in the advertising industry is Mobile Marketing. In this method, advertisers promote business services or products by using smartphones and tablets. They send the details via SMS, MMS, mobile app alerts, and social media notifications. According to research conducted by Pew Research Center, around 85% American population own mobile phones. It means that mobile marketing can significantly increase the recognition of your business and boost your revenue. However, one must take care of SEO optimization to make content mobile-friendly.

8. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is similar to that of affiliate advertising. In this approach, influencers with high men following promote business on different platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. Whether you are running B2B or B2C firm, they can surprisingly increase your profit by transporting a new audience to your website. Our influencer market size has been continuously increasing since 2016. You can check the development in the following graph.

Pro Tip: Consider A/B Testing to ensure the quality of your emails before sending them to your targets!

Benefits of Online Marketing

It is an era of online business where everyone wants to take advantage of digital marketing. Actually, online advertising can benefit businesses in many ways. Here we discuss some of the most common ones.

1. Reasonable Global Reach

Old marketers use traditional advertising methods that did not allow them to reach an unlimited audience due to high expenses and complicated tasks. However, today you can target the whole globe by using online marketing techniques such as social media campaigns. You only need a strong Internet connection to connect to the world and promote your services or products. There is no worry of complications and a high budget for advertising. So, we can say that digital marketing can target people throughout the world while conventional marketing technique does not equip this feature.

2. Local Reach

If you are only targeting a nearby audience, online advertising gives you an edge here too. You can attract more and more customers to your door by working on Local SEO and online advertisement. You can share printed flyers around to get more beneficial results.


3. Increased ROI

Whatever you invest in your marketing campaigns, you always expect good returns. Digital marketing can benefit you with boosted return on investment (ROI). You only need to optimize your ROI by arranging essential tools, benchmarking your advertising ROI, and deciding what are your purpose of working. And to optimize your marketing ROI, you must follow the below strategies.

  • Monitor the right ROI metrics
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Create higher-value content
  • Test different offers
  • Experiment with new channels
  • Leverage marketing automation tools

4. Effective Targeting

Many new business owners do not know their target audience. Digital marketing is a sweet fruit for them. One can identify and target the most suitable audience according to the business nature with the assistance of professional digital marketers. With them, you can also analyze the gaps in your advertising strategies and optimize them according to current requirements and market trends.

5. Elevated Online Visibility

With digital marketing, you can increase your online visibility. As you establish your brand’s website, post blogs written by professional website content writers, keep on-site and off-site SEO on priority, utilize social media for marketing, take advantage of email advertising, and invest in paid ads, you pave the path that flawlessly leads toward the elevated online visibility of your site.

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What is a Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is essential to discuss when the topic of digitalmarketing is at the center of the table. It is actually a marketing strategy in which online marketers get paid after fulfilling the requirements of their clients. You can more efficiently identify and target your potential audience with performance marketing terminology. In this online advertising approach, the following elements play an important role in fulfilling the job.

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Sale (CPS)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost Per Impression (CPM)

What is a Digitalmarketing Strategy

Simply implementing digital marketing techniques without beneficial strategies never give good results. Whatever type of digital marketing you choose, you always need to create customized strategies so that you can meet the expectations of your clients. From search engine marketing to email advertising, everywhere you must implement profitable approaches.

How to Create Digital Marketing Strategy?

Step 1: Research & Understand the Needs of Your Audience.

First and foremost, understand the difference between target market, target audience, and target persona.

Target Market Target Audience Target Persona
A large group of individuals who may take an interest in your products or services. A specific gathering of people who are more probable to take advantage of your products or services. The ideal group of individuals to engage based on your targeted audience.

Next, target audience based on Gender, Age, Education, Purchasing power, and Location. You can accomplish this task by analyzing your market, choosing the best industry, identifying your competitors, and what type of article writing you need from technical content writers for your website and marketing campaigns.

Step 2: Set Digital Marketing Strategy Goals & KPIs

Digital Marketing Strategies for Different Marketing Methods
Viral Marketing Branding Video Content Written Content Visual Content
CSR Initiatives CSR Initiatives Social Media Data Research
Guerilla Marketing Event Promotion Youtube Posters Surveys
Viral Stunts Sponsorships Vimeo Infographics SEO

Step 3: Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Now you have set everything. The biggest challenge you may experience here is targeting a specific channel for digital marketing. Well, whatever the channel you selected, always start from a small scale and input your struggles to get fantastic outcomes. Once you have identified what channel is giving good outcomes, then shift your attention to quality article writing. Enrich your articles with spicy and entertaining content that also fulfill your customer’s needs. Here, you can ask for services from professional technical content writers. Moreover, you can increase your brand’s worth by taking advantage of sales season. The most common days on which you can sell a maximum product are Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, etc.

Step 4: Continue Improving

After you have achieved your business goals, never stop struggling and keep improving yourself according to the latest Google Analytics. Keep identifying your gaps and making strategies to fill them efficiently.

Pro Tip: Always choose a famous and reputable influencer to promote your business since a bad influencer can destroy your worth in the market.

Top Digital Marketing Careers

People who want to become digital marketers can confidently choose this field since it has many options for career building. You can work as a Coder, Data Science expert, writer, graphic designer, video editor, and content marketer. Whatever option you choose, you can earn a big revenue by working as a freelancer. You can earn 50,000 to 200,000 PKR per month. Even you can launch your own digital marketing agency and to meet your dream you must explore How to start a digital marketing company.

How to Get Success in Digital Marketing

Whether you are going to start a freelancing account or a digital marketing agency, you must follow some professional techniques and approaches to get success in your field.

1. Be Flexible, Adaptable, & Open to Change

Every day new methods and techniques are launched by experts in the digital marketing industry. You must be flexible and adaptable to get benefits from your struggles.

2. Target Audience with Market Segmentation

When targeting potential audiences, divide them into different segments based on preferences, behaviors, and traits. It will increase your working efficiency and generate leading results.

3. Perfect Execution

Once you have made your objective and working plan, start working on it and implement all the essential business strategies. In simple words, execute everything with perfection.

4. Make SMART Goals

Plan your digital marketing business outstandingly and with consistent working schedules. Side by side, set a clear object whether you are targeting working attributes or measurables.

5. Practice Creativity during Processing

While writing content for your website or social media, use your creativity and always come out with different tones and engaging words. Add images, infographics, CTAs, and videos to increase the chances of your website ranking. Similarly, go for omnichannel marketing techniques to target and engage more and more audiences.

6. Link Your Sales & Marketing

You must join sales and marketing while offering digital marketing services. This strategy will enable different teams to focus on particular tasks and execute excellent outcomes. Follow the below process for integrating sales and marketing.

unnamed (1)

7. Diversify Your Channels, Tactics, & Strategies

In digital marketing, you must experiment with different channels since it is the core requirement for success. This approach will make your connections with new clients and increase the probability of your elevated revenue.

8. Maintain a Connection with Your Customers

Remember that your audience is your real asset and you must invest your valuable time in them. Every customer wants to stay updated with what is happening in this digital era. Therefore, you must keep them update and equip them with quality tools for receiving and sending documents and content.

9. Collect, Measure, Track, & Assess Data

Data is mandatory to equip your clients with the best digital marketing services and stably stand in the market. Therefore, you must collect valuable data, measure it accurately, track it properly, and assess it ideally.

10. Encourage Feedback Warmly

After furnishing your clients with digital marketing services, provide them with surveys, polls, or comment forms to get feedback from them. Moreover, give them a reply according to their reviews and ensure them that your services will be better next time.

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Other Valuable Tips for Digital Marketing

  • Create a proper roadmap to start and run your digital marketing agency. In other words, understand your business goals and make strategies accordingly.
  • Take proper time to identify your target audience by using software and tools and analyzing your competitors.
  • Use both organic and paid channels for digital marketing because the result of both influences each other significantly.
  • Always take the assistance of professional writers to provide or post high-quality content on your website or social media accounts.
  • Modify your strategies and implement them with time development to achieve surprising outcomes.

Partnership with Digital Marketing Agency

Now, you have understood how digital marketing can boost the recognition and worth of your business. Moreover, you have read about the benefits you can enjoy by hiring a professional digital marketer. It is time to partner with an expert in the industry and start working together to archive fantastic results. But you might be confused about how to select the best agency for digital marketing services. Do not worry, and move to the next portion!

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Service Providers?

Identify what you actually want from digital marketers Check out the website’s reputation using social media platforms
Prefer an agency with a solid and professional portfolio Analyze in which environment they provide digital marketing services
Check what expertise they have along with their marketing experience What type of promises they are making to their customers
Scan the website design to understand how creative and professional they are They must be available 24/7 and the contact method should be convenient for everyone

The Future of Digital Marketing

Technology and innovation have shifted all the business to online platforms. Now, anyone can run a business from his comfort zone. There is no need for a proper place to set up a clothing store. Even, you do not need to fix working hours because you can run your business 24/7. Today, you can conveniently reach out to your customers using online platforms. In this condition, the only thing that can generate more sales is digital marketing. You can offer your services and sell out your products online. No worries about payment because you can also receive the product amount online. In simple words, digital marketing has surprisingly changed the game for traders and businesses. So, we can confidently claim that the future of digital marketing is bright. It will develop with the passage of time and more and more businesses will invest in it. Thus, do not worry and go with the flow of digital marketing development!


If we go back some years, we could not even think about promoting our services and products without magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, and TV ads. There was n any there source to run your business. All these methods also demanded high costs. But today we have a Digital Marketing option that we can use for advertising our services and products online. There is no need to invest a large amount to market your business today. Just hire a professional digital marketer and start selling your products. If you want to market your items yourself, you must be proficient in this field because digital advertising with expertise can never generate good results. So, do not delay and contact the leading Digital Marketing Agency today!



Professionals use two terminologies in digital marketing; B2B and B2C digital marketing. B2B stands for Business-to-Business while B2C means Business-to-Customer. Both terms differ from each other in many ways. B2B involves lower volume and higher prices while B2C considers high volume and lower prices. Second, B2B promotes interpersonal relationships while B2C encourages transactional connections. B2B digital marketing targets long-term goals while B2C always goes with short-term objectives. Lastly, B2B contains a long sales cycle while B2C goes the opposite to it.

If a businessman only targets his website to sell out his products, he might experience bad outcomes. However, if he promotes his website and products on different social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, he can enjoy a better experience. So yes, Digital Marketing actually matters. Your techniques and expertise should be flawless to get 100% results out of your social media campaigns.

Digital marketing is a general term that involves organic and paid promotion using multiple advertising channels, while performance marketing is a particular approach in which businesses only pay to markets when they fulfill their needs and requirements. Digital marketing offers different payment sources such as impressions, posting, and leads. However, Performance marketing pays only after achieving desired results. Lastly, digital marketing focus on long-term objectives while performance marketing only considers short-term goals.

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