Walmart Marketplace and Amazon Marketplace are the top tiers of eCommerce marketplaces that cater to third-party sellers, along with Target Marketplace. As one of the biggest retailers in the U.S., Target entered the online retail world in February 2019, expanding its product offerings and allowing third-party vendors to sell on Target.com.

The Target Marketplace isn't like Amazon or Walmart Marketplace, though. Because of this, Target+ is only available to a few third-party retailers. In partnership with top speciality brands and national brands, Target Plus aims to offer its loyal customers a broader selection of curated products and general merchandise. Products covered include food, furniture, clothes, and home furnishing.

Around 30 Target sellers were on Target+ the first year. MarketPlace at Target now has 109 Target partners offering 165,000 products since launching in May 2015. In terms of retail eCommerce sales share, Target Plus ranks eighth right now, but it’s still young. With over 5 million Target+ members, Target Plus is on its way to becoming a household name.

Use Target Seller Marketplace to find cool stuff to promote your brand

Target Plus Marketplace services let brands make the most of Target’s growing customer base online and in their 1,850 stores. Invest in our products in front of a broader audience now by starting your Target Plus Marketplace optimization.

We can also assist you with developing a Marketing Strategy. The services offered here will allow you to establish your online presence on other online marketplaces and get accepted as a partner.

If you’re interested, we can explain Target Plus in more detail.

What to do if you can't sell

With its invite-only system, Target Seller Marketplace grows Target listings cautiously. Our Target partners carefully choose the products and services they offer online to our 100 million active customers.

Currently, Target offers products from more than 100 partners, including established, well-known brands like Mizuno USA, Serenity Health and Home Decor, and Music123. In the future, Target plans to optimize its product categories so it can add more to its partner listings online.

The Target Marketplace: A brief overview

Getting your Target partner’s online invitation approved is key to becoming a Marketplace Target seller. You can determine which item types you can list in the Target product listings by accessing the Whitelisting Rules and Approval Settings. This is after you have a Target Seller Marketplace account.

The following brands must meet Target Marketplace's requirements:

  • Target’s online partners need a U.S. bank account and business.
  • Be sure the prices of brand offerings are the same as the rest of the sales channels.
  • Image resolution should be at least 1200 x 1200px and at most 2400 x 2400px in JPG format.
  • Images shouldn’t contain any promotional language or watermarks.
  • Put a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) or Universal Product Code (UPC) on all Target listings.
  • Maintain a five-day transit time and ship orders within 24 hours.

Cross-border trade isn’t supported by the Target Marketplace service. In the US, only the version designed for the US market is available. partners can build their own storefronts, but Target controls the customer experience.

Is Target.com a reliable place to sell? How much commission is there?

  • Target charges online sellers a commission of 5-15 percent on its Target plus Marketplace. Commission rates are almost the same as Amazon Vendor Central percentages. It’s actually lower in some cases than other online marketplaces.

    The Target eCommerce store has a section for Referral Fees, where sellers can see if they have special referral fees set up. Third-party retailers get paid commissions based on their subtype referral fees by default.

Get started today with Target Plus

Want to sell on Target Marketplace but not sure how? Get a free marketing consultation! We provide Target Plus optimization services over and above. Our Target Plus SEO services by providing guidelines on how to sell on Target Marketplace. And also boosting your Target Plus optimization to ensure the growth of your revenue.

We can help you optimize your Target Marketplace with our digital marketing experts. And other Target Plus services suited to your brand.

Target Marketplace: Why sell there?

In addition to being a leading retail brand in the US, Target offers a wide selection of products at great prices. They rotate their merchandise constantly to keep people coming back. Target is the place to shop for people of all ages.

Target+ makes shopping more convenient and Target Marketplace has a broader reach. Target lets you sell to families, entrepreneurs, and young professionals.

The benefits of being on Target include:

  • Gain access to Target’s loyal customers
  • Conceptualizing the best product mix for mutual growth
  • Competition is tight
  • Online Target listings integrated with partners
  • Improved customer engagement capabilities through digital technology
  • Get your share of the market
  • Reduces seller issues with an extensive application process

With Target Marketplace, you can shop online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Also, Target plans on opening sorting centres to handle and deliver stuff from its e-commerce partners. Target Plus’s ultimate goal is to make online order fulfilment easier for Target partners.

Sell on Target as much as possible. Take advantage of Target Plus Marketplace services tailored just for you by our marketing company.

Market Services at Target

SEO for Target Markets

We offer SEO services for Target that can boost Target sales. Increase organic traffic to your Target+ storefront by analyzing search volumes and keywords. By selecting the right product images and ensuring all product attributes are complete. Our Target Marketplace SEO strategies generate clicks, conversions, and positive reviews for our clients.

Writing content for Target Plus

Content marketing is the key to Target Plus Marketplace optimization. In order to support your unique brand and reach out to your target audience segments. We use data from your existing customers to create product descriptions and content feeds. Creating product descriptions using Target+ best practices helps you follow Google and Target guidelines.

Category and subcategory targeting

By optimizing your Target product listings, you can appear in relevant search results. Target Plus marketers perform extensive research in order to offer suggestions for Target listings in terms of categories and subcategories. Target Plus’s product optimization services provide more than just help you categorize your products. They also make it easier for your customers to locate what they are looking for.

The best way to ship

You may have difficulties choosing the right carrier if you do not understand Target Plus’ guidelines. Our Target Plus Marketplace management guide. Includes shipping volume, rates, and methods. So you can simplify your Target Plus Marketplace management.

Optimizing Target Plus listings

Through duplicate product analysis and listing reclamation, Target Plus helps third party retailers grow their market share on Marketplace Target. Our team audits your listings, does market research, and manages and optimizes your Target Plus listings.

Benchmarking competitors

Identify which methods work best for your business, and evaluate your Target Marketplace optimization strategy. Target Plus digital marketing specialists analyze your products and price points regularly to get an accurate understanding of your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. And also threats (SWOT) so you’ll know how to position yourself on Target.com.

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Managed by Target Plus every month

After we set up your Target Marketplace storefront and optimize it, our work doesn’t end. Your Target Marketplace listings will be managed by tecbpo every month so you get profitable results. Our regular services include audits of Target listings and suggestions on how to sell there.

If you require assistance, please contact our digital marketing team

How can we help you optimize Target Plus Marketplace? Whether it’s social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing or anything in between, Target Plus is your one-stop online marketing agency. If you want to expand your reach to international markets, we can design a custom website for you.

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