What Is SMS Marketing?

Don't know who to reach with your message when it's right? We offer advanced SMS and MMS marketing services to guide you toward reaching your intended audience. As Klaviyo uses only top-of-the-line tools to deliver fast messages and track campaign success. By integrating SMS/MMS marketing, you'll build a stronger relationship with customers.

The digital world of today allows for 24/7 customer relationships thanks to new technologies. With advancements in technology, consumers are looking more and more for real-life brand interactions that have a personal touch.

Through instant, personalized communication, text message marketing lets you engage with existing customers and attract new ones. Using permission-based, opt-in text messaging, SMS marketing lets you send promotions, announcements, and other types of messages to targeted audiences.

What Is SMS Marketing?

By entering a contest, completing an opt-in form online, or texting a keyword or shortcode, customers must explicitly consent to SMS text messaging marketing campaigns. If you use promotional text marketing campaigns without this express consent, you’re breaking the law.

U.S. SMS Text Marketing Regulatory Compliance.

Regulatory compliance laws apply to text message marketing just like they do to email and phone communication. However, the regulations in different countries vary from one another regarding this. There are strict regulations, rules, and monitoring processes governing text messaging marketing in the United States under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Businesses that use text marketing must follow the TCPA and other guidelines:

  • See if the recipient is old enough to consent based on where they live.
  • Sending an automated message should only be done with the recipient’s “express written consent”.
  • Make sure you tell people what the SMS marketing campaign is all about.
  • Give them an idea of how many messages they’ll get in a week or month.
  • Tell subscribers that they might have to pay a fee if they sign up for a program.
  • Provide clear directions on how to opt-out.
  • SMS mobile marketing content may not contain prohibited content (e.g., sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, or tobacco, profanity, discriminatory/hateful language, or depictions or endorsements of violence.).
  • Do not communicate outside of business hours.

What Is the Penalty for TCPA Violations?

Mobile text marketing regulations are growing more stringent every year in response to the onslaught of spam messages and rising user privacy concerns. Companies enlisting text message marketing services must meet these regulatory requirements to avoid violations.

Protect your brand against TCPA violation – entrust your text marketing campaigns to an established SMS marketing company to remain compliant with the TCPA and other industry regulations.

Penalties – in the form of statutory damages – are levied per violation. The standard sanction costs up to $500 per violation and $1,500 per willful violation. There is no cap on penalties for TCPA violations, so thousands of offenses can result in million-dollar fines.

TCPA Violations: What's the Penalty?

Due to a flood of spam messages and an increase in user privacy concerns, mobile text marketing regulations are becoming stricter every year. It's illegal for companies to use text message marketing services if they don't comply with these requirements. There is a penalty for every violation, which is called statutory damages. The standard sanction costs $500 per infraction and $1,500 for a willful infraction. A violation of the TCPA can result in a million-dollar fine, and there's no cap on that. Don't neglect TCPA compliance and other industry regulations - your SMS marketing campaign should be handled by an SMS marketing company that is compliant with TCPA and other industry regulations.

At Techbpo, We Make Sure Your SMS Campaigns Are TCPA Compliant

TechBPO uses text messaging marketing to generate valuable leads and gain loyal customers for businesses across industries. Our SMS marketing agency has helped several companies build stronger relationships with customers and increase brand awareness - we can help you too!

Text marketing is a big deal for businesses and organizations for many reasons. SMS marketing is essential to omnichannel marketing because it doesn’t require an internet connection.

Omnichannel marketing connects you with your target audience and drives them down the sales funnel through online and offline channels. Text message marketing is a great addition to an omnichannel marketing plan to create a seamless brand experience across channels.

Text marketing allows companies to communicate time-sensitive information, including brand offers, alerts, and updates, to people who have informed them that they would like to receive such messages. However, with its greater immediateness, many institutions are now using text message marketing for reasons beyond marketing:

  • Promotional campaigns to get reviews
  • Auto-replies
  • Customer feedback and surveys
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Sharing content
  • Reminders for appointments

If you want to reach your target audience faster and more effectively, invest in the best text marketing solution.

Want to begin an SMS marketing campaign? The following are some actions you can take if you are interested in this method of marketing:

1. Decide Which Text Marketing Platform Is Right For You

Today, there are a lot of tools available for providing text marketing services in a cloud-based environment. If you want to reach your audience easily, you’ll need the best SMS marketing service platform.

We use Klaviyo to make sure our mobile text marketing campaigns are successful.

Klaviyo offers competitive pricing and features that make it one of the best text marketing tools. We will give you the choice of SMS features when you work with us.

Technically, there’s an extra charge for Klaviyo on top of TechBPO’s SMS marketing service.

2. Get An SMS Shortcode

Sending bulk SMS marketing messages via a shortcode requires a 5- or 6-digit phone number. SMS shortcodes are leased in the U.S. and cannot be bought. You may choose to lease random or vanity shortcodes, depending on your preference.

The cheapest way to get a non-vanity shortcode is to lease it for $500/month. Random shortcodes are 5- or 6-digit text numbers picked at random by the Short Code Registry.

In contrast, a vanity shortcode is a unique phone number for your brand, which costs $1,000 per month.

In addition to shortcodes, Klaviyo offers the US- and Canadian-based toll-free numbers, and an alphanumeric sender ID (only for the UK).

3. Managing your SMS Consent Opt-Ins

Sending automated SMS messages is only possible if recipients have given their consent. Remove anyone who has not permitted you to send automated SMS messages.

We’ll ask for your opt-in list during our strategy call so we can ensure compliance with government regulations. Text message marketing is our company’s specialty, and we only work with client contact lists that have explicitly opted-in for text message marketing.

4. Know What You're Saying And Track The Results

To streamline the process, most companies use pre-saved templates with tags for personalization. Every message can be customized by inserting personal information, such as the receiver’s first name, automatically. Even if you’re sending out a bunch of bulk SMSs, each message will be unique.

Your text marketing message can only be 160 characters long, so make sure it’s short, engaging, and straight to the point. A link to your landing page may also be incorporated into the message.

After you launch your SMS campaign, track your performance, so you know where you can improve, and adjust for your next one.

The Importance Of SMS Marketing

Engage In Ongoing Brand Conversations

You can use the best SMS marketing services to send personalized messages at the right time to show your customers you care about their experience. This leads to stronger brand relationships that make your business successful.

Don’t be left behind with text marketing services – companies are using them more than ever for scaling their business.

Why Choose Tecbpo for Your SMS/MMS Marketing Services

Build Trust and Grow Client Understanding of Your Brand

TCPA-Compliant Text Marketing Service

At Tecbpo, we ensure you stay TCPA-compliant with every SMS/MMS message you send. Our text marketing team keeps your subscription lists scrubbed and cleaned at all times. More importantly, you can rest assured we never work with illegal, purchased lists.

Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Our SMS marketing company offers SMS broadcast marketing and SMS automated campaigns. We also work with clients across a wide range of industries, including eCommerce, real estate, construction and healthcare. No matter the scope of your sms marketing campaigns, our text marketing services team got all your bases covered.

Klaviyo Partner

We use Klaviyo as our SMS/MMS marketing platform to streamline opt-in list collection and management and ensure smooth campaign execution. Kalviyo’s built-in integrations effortlessly connect with various platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, taking the stress and hassle from SMS deliverability.

Comprehensive SMS Marketing Servicea

Our text message marketing company offers fully managed SMS/MMS marketing solutions. If you need to create graphics or videos for MMS, we can also handle them for you. Tecbpo boasts a team of experienced digital marketing professionals adept at creative content creation, content writing and video production.

Detailed Monthly Reports

As your SMS marketing partner, we ensure you stay on top of all your campaign developments. Our text marketing experts provide you with comprehensive monthly reports that include your campaign analytics, key metrics and recommended strategies. We present this report to you during our scheduled calls.

SMS/MMS Marketing Specialists

Once your partner with us, you can rest assured your SMS/MMS campaigns are managed by seasoned marketing professionals. From list cleaning/segmentation and campaign development to execution and monitoring, we keep track of all processes to ensure you get your money’s worth.

End-To-End Business Process Outsourcing Services

Connect with TecBPO to Professionally Handle your Business and reduce your Time and Cost.