Google Analytics services

Quantcast's Top 100K sites use Google Analytics more than 72% of the time. That's also what tecbpo Internet Marketing Agency uses. Our clients' websites are monitored using Google Analytics so we can provide them with insight into their online marketing efforts. Tecbpo's team is Google Certified Partner and certified in Google Analytics.

Audits of Google Analytics

Google Analytics isn't working for you? If there are errors in the data collection process, tecbpo can provide a complete Google Analytics audit. A Google Analytics expert will audit your account, looking at tracking code, configuration, conversion tracking, data integrity, and account linking.

How to set up Google Analytics

You can get help setting up and implementing a new or existing Google Analytics account through our team. You'll get the right account setup from our team. That the data you collect is useful for data analysis.

I'm a Google Analytics consultant

Are you already using Google Analytics but want to get more out of it? We can help you determine your data goals with our Google Analytics experts. With us, you'll get your existing data interpreted. You'll get advice on aggregating data across multiple sites. You'll get customizable reports, a conversion funnel, and more.

Let Thrive provide you with Google Analytics services that will help you make better data-driven decisions.

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