The future of commerce is eCommerce

Merchants and entrepreneurs around the world are taking advantage of eCommerce optimization. More than 2.14 billion people will shop online by 2021, say experts. Awesome news for marketers. What's the secret to getting consumers' attention when there are millions of businesses?

PPC Management for Your Brand

For your brand to remain relevant, you need more than just a website. When you target the right audience, you’ll see your business grow. With eCommerce pay-per-click marketing, you can boost your brand’s online presence and keep it on top.

Consumers research online before buying 85 per cent of the time. Even worse, 75% of search engine results pages are never scrolled past. You’re losing a lot of leads and sales if your brand doesn’t show up on SERPs. In the world of digital marketing, eCommerce marketing represents the holy grail due to customer demands and changing habits. eCommerce PPC can increase revenue for startups and big companies. You can reach thousands of prospects through eCommerce ads, even if you’re just starting a business.

There’s no better eCommerce advertising agency than Tecbpo.com Internet Marketing Agency. We make ads look good, get traffic, and convert people. We use real-time reporting systems and data tracking tools for our eCommerce ads. Since 2005, we have been helping e-commerce business owners across the country with ad campaigns, and we can assist you, too. Get traffic that converts by getting in touch with us. 

Convenience lies in it.

eCommerce PPC is popular because it’s scalable and measurable. You can track which eCommerce ads are effective and make changes to make sure you’re getting the best results. A few eCommerce advertising platforms that can bring traffic to your site include Amazon Advertising, Google AdWords, and Google Shopping. PPC campaigns are another way of converting website visitors into customers. E-commerce advertising will attract customers who are highly motivated. It lets you do things like:

  • Promote your brand
  • Your business will grow
  • You should target your market
  • Make them trust you
  • Search visibility gets you, new customers
  • Analyze your ads
  • so you look good
  • while getting a high ROI

E-commerce PPC Services

Keyword research and market research

Your target market wants to know what they’re looking for. Google Keyword Planner is what we use. Keywords and niche terms that perform well will help you build authority.

eCommerce SEO for search engines

Search engine optimization is integrated into our eCommerce PPC. In this way, we will improve both organic and paid search rankings. We analyze audience and competition, keep up with Google trends and updates, and figure out peak times to maximize results for eCommerce ads and SEO.

Conversion Rates on Landing Pages

Using landing pages that are relevant to your customers’ searches will increase your sales. Every ad group gets its own landing page from our eCommerce PPC team. Our content is comprehensive and digestible, mobile-friendly, and we create highly personalized landing pages.

Managing PPC campaigns for your eCommerce business

A clever eCommerce PPC strategy will give you an edge without overspending. Get in touch with Tecbpo.com today. Transparent pricing is provided on top-performing search terms, broad and ultra-specific keywords, as well as general and ultra-specific keywords.


Data-driven eCommerce advertising keeps you ahead of the curve. Your account structure is optimized, your copy is written to highlight your USPs, and your budget is monitored by our PPC team. So we’re driving new traffic to your site for a low cost.

Designing eCommerce sites

The Shopify developer community is one of our proudest achievements. Our full-service web design company creates sites tailored to your requirements. Our team optimizes your checkout process, installs live chat, and makes sure your conversion tracking is set upright. We also make sure your site gets found on Google with Shopify SEO.

Remarketing for eCommerce

Boost your conversions across all your online channels with digital marketing. Reengage your repeat visitors, optimize abandoned cart campaigns, and drive traffic to product review pages. Remarketing helps you build more effective campaigns.

Split-testing ads

Your online store gets the most ROI from eCommerce ads. We split test landing pages and create multiple landing pages. Using this method, we can figure out what PPC ads are converting the fastest.

Advertising on social media

Boost your social media campaign and gain more followers with eCommerce advertising. Then we launch targeted ads, answer reviews, and share videos, social media content, and live streaming. We make sure your brand stays top of mind and drives conversions.

Optimization of conversions

The click-through rate (CTR) of your ads can be increased by Tecbpo.com's data-driven CRO practices. Your brand's special offers are leveraged, landing pages and ad copy are optimized, and remarketing campaigns are implemented to capture interested buyers.

The online marketing agency you can trust

People prefer eCommerce PPC agency sites over brick-and-mortar stores for a variety of reasons. Faster delivery, 24/7 availability, easier returns. PPC advertising company can help you get seen by your target customers and position your brand in front of them.

The following are some of our services:

  • Analytics-driven marketing
  • Tracking conversions with tools
  • A customized online marketing campaign for your company
  • Having technical skills
  • Professionals certified by Google
  • Reporting transparency

Got a sales problem? Our online marketing services will spare you time to focus on your core business. Let’s get started. Together we can accomplish anything.