eCommerce optimization?

You can improve your eCommerce website by optimizing it holistically and making it easier for people to convert into customers. Everything on your website should lead users to the end goal of buying what you’re selling. It’s the navigation, the design, the content, and the product description. A conversion rate optimization audit is important since optimization is such a comprehensive process. We’ve been doing web design and SEO for over a decade, so we’re very experienced at improving the user experience.

Shoppers like shopping online more than in-store shopping 71% of the time. How do you optimize your eCommerce business? You’ve got a product-based business, but you don’t have an online shop? No problem!

eCommerce optimization specialists

Our team will help you create and/or optimize your website to boost online revenue and get more attention from your audience.

Our eCommerce marketing includes these things:

  • We optimize for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and the rest of the major search engines.
  • Structure and layout: We’ll work with you to make sure your online store is attractive, easy to use, and search engine friendly.
  • You can avoid the common eCommerce pitfalls by doing exhaustive keyword research. Making sure your products have the right titles and descriptions is crucial.
  • Content optimization can enable you to be found when otherwise you wouldn’t. Before you include content with your products, make sure it’s optimized.
  • Pay Per Click Management: We’ll make sure your site is optimized and manage your PPC campaign (or create one) in order to get your most important products found by search engines. A call to action is both a powerful marketing tool and can enable even the smallest amount of people to turn into paying customers.
  • Good calls to action: An effective call to action and convincing content can get someone who was just researching a product to buy it.
  • Get a full breakdown of your site’s activity in Google Analytics.
  • So you can check the keyword rankings whenever you want, we update them all the time.
  • Our team will send you a report after we work on your site.
  • Every month, you’ll get a report from your eCommerce Optimization expert about how you’re doing.
  • If you’ve got any eCommerce questions, hit up your dedicated eCommerce specialist.

Would you believe 1.9 billion people will shop online in 2019?

Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or a big corporation, eCommerce is one of the most popular and profitable ways to sell now. Get more conversions and sales with a custom design for your eCommerce store.

Statistics about eCommerce

eCommerce is expected to account for over 13.7 per cent of all global sales by 2020, which means it’s no longer a small subculture within the online world. In 2021, eCommerce will account for 17% of total sales, overtaking retail sales for the first time.

Online shopping has become more popular than ever in our world because it allows people to sell products and services freely without worrying about brick and mortar restrictions.

Designing a custom eCommerce site has its perks

As eCommerce storefronts grow in popularity, having your very own custom eCommerce web design will help you stand out from the competition and similar digital storefronts in their respective markets. The more generic, uninspired, or outdated an eCommerce storefront looks, the less likely it is to drive sales and increase conversion rates. With a custom website design, you don’t want to leave a negative first impression on visitors and those who might be interested. Custom designs give you more creative freedom, a better colour scheme, and a better way to implement your brand’s look. Your online store looks better when you build it yourself.

There are lots of benefits to custom web design

You should hire a custom web design company if you want to stand out from the competition when you build an eCommerce store. Experts who specialize in custom web design also know how to use hosted solutions like Shopify as well as self-hosted platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce (for self-hosted eCommerce clients). As an expert team, we can help you reach your goals while keeping your peace of mind throughout the process, regardless of whether you want to buy your own hosting and manage your storefront on your own or if you want Shopify to host it for you.

The advantages and benefits of hiring a custom website design company include:

Do a web presence assessment and evaluation of what you’ve got now (if anything). Check out these tips for better communication about your product or service. Mobile-Friendly: A professional designer or developer knows how to make a website mobile-friendly and responsive, so you don’t alienate your entire audience when they browse via tablet or smartphone. Designers and developers stay on top of the latest design trends so their clients get top-notch designs that adhere to industry trends and standards. No matter if you’re entering the untapped market or working in a highly competitive industry, understanding why it’s important to consider an eCommerce platform is key. A good eCommerce website design and setup will attract users who are interested in knowing more about your business and willing to invest in it.

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