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Most marketers think getting traffic to their website is the goal, so they're investing their time, money, and resources into it. But here's the thing: driving interest is only the first step in SEO and digital marketing. Turning those clicks and visitors into sales is the real challenge. CRO helps you do that.

How does conversion rate optimization (CRO) affect your marketing? The conversion rate optimization process is a systematic way of optimizing each part of your website, including your call-to-action buttons, content, and design, so that a higher percentage of people complete your desired action.

Do you know what conversion optimization is? When marketers talk about success, they often use the number of purchases as a yardstick. There are other metrics to consider. If you have marketing needs and objectives, you can set CRO SEO goals:

  • Selling
  • Shares on Facebook
  • Fill out the form
  • Installations of apps
  • Clicks on CTA buttons
  • Subscribe to our newsletter

Unless you know how to measure your CRO marketing goals and make them actionable, what’s the point of conversion rate optimization? You need to decide what you want out of your conversion rate optimization website, and then launch growth-driven conversion marketing campaigns to get people to take the desired action.

Further, you’ll want to dig through various conversion rate optimization metrics that affect your optimization effort and CRO SEO results.

CRO: What’s it all about? A conversion optimization metric is a benchmark that CRO companies check during CRO testing to find out how well your conversion funnel is working and where you can improve.

Bouncing Rate

This is the percentage of people who came to your website but didn’t navigate anywhere else. You’ve got a problem with your CRO website if your bounce rate is high. To increase website conversions, you have to know how to reduce bounce rate.

Here's the entrance

An entry to a website that comes from an outside source, like a paid advertisement, organic search or social media post. You can improve your conversion rate if more people land on your CRO site.

Check out CTR (Click-through-rate)

When people see your ads, organic listings, or search results, conversion optimization measures how many people click on your link. We use click-through rates to measure the effectiveness of our CRO marketing campaigns.

Visits per page

Analyzes how many pages certain audience segments view on your site. You can tell by your average page per visit how engaged your site visitors are and how useful your information is.

I had trouble loading this page

Your website’s response time when users interact with it. A study shows your conversion rate is the highest in the first five seconds after your page loads. Make sure your website design prioritizes the user’s experience (UX) to increase conversions.

Find a CRO Agency You Can Trust the conversion rate on your website

For online businesses, KPIs are important. If conversion optimization isn’t a way to get more customers from your CRO website, what is it? You’re losing business every day if your site has trouble converting.

You have effectively tripled your leads by increasing your marketing conversion rate from 1 per cent to 3 percent without earning one extra visitor. CRO companies are results-driven so they know how to market conversions that work.

Why aren’t you doing it? Our CRO services will teach you all you need to know about CRO and help you grow your business.

We’re an Internet marketing agency that understands the importance of conversion rate optimization for online success. Techbpo Internet Marketing Agency is one of the most established conversion rate optimization businesses. Get your targeted audience’s attention and move them along your funnel to increase your conversion rate marketing sales.

Investing returns (ROI)

Is conversion optimization anything other than a way to increase revenue by boosting your growth? By measuring your ROI for conversion rate marketing, you can evaluate the impact on the bottom line of your marketing efforts.

How Do Conversion Rates and Click-Through Rates Compare?

Track Your Metrics and Create Winning Campaigns

Conversion Rate: What Is It?

It's the percentage of visitors who complete a definite action out of all the ones on your site. Conversion rates are important because they affect your revenue and sales. Your conversion rate is good if it's high.

You can figure it out this way:

Knowing how to calculate conversion rates is crucial to figuring out what's a good conversion rate. Here is the formula you can use: Calculate conversion rate by dividing website visits by sales, emails, etc. A 10 percent conversion rate is if you get 100 email subscribers from 1,000 website interactions.

How Does Click-Through Rate Matter?

A CTR is a micro-conversion or something you’re hoping will lead to an end goal, like a purchase or signup.

Click-through rate, what is it? It’s a good sign when you have a high click-through rate. A higher conversion rate usually follows.

Here’s how you do it:

How calculate a click-through rate is the first step in answering what is a good click-through rate. These are the formulas conversion rate experts use to calculate click-through rates:

Calculate your click-through rate by adding up your impressions and clicks

You’d have a CTR of 2.3 percent if, for example, 150,000 people saw your ad and 3,500 clicked through to visit your site.

3.5% x 1500% = 2.3%

Conversion rate optimization by Tecbpo is the best

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Fully-Managed Web Services

We don’t just diagnose your conversion issues, we also implement growth-driven conversion rate optimization tactics to solve them. Our CRO agency offers a comprehensive suite of services, including local SEO, social media marketing, web hosting, email marketing and much more! Establish a relationship with our trusted digital marketing agency to promptly tackle not only your conversion optimization questions, but also any online issue you could conceivably run into.

Tailored Conversion Optimization Services

The efficacy of our conversion rate optimization solutions is proven, but we understand that no two businesses are the same. You talk, and our conversion optimization agency will listen. As with any of our services, we value your input and seek to resolve the challenges you face. We also proactively audit your site and traffic data and look for conversion marketing problems or solutions that may never have occurred to you.

Expert Insights

Many conversion optimizer tools out there run an automated CRO audit and look for conversion rate marketing red flags. Some are even reasonably decent. However, an automated CRO audit can’t tell you that an image or heading communicates the wrong message or many other subtleties that can turn a potential customer off. These are invaluable insights that we provide to our partner agencies. Need help in determining what is a call to action appropriate placement on your website? Sign up for our free consultation and let’s discuss your most pressing CRO questions.

Well-Rounded Approach

Successful conversion rate marketing campaigns do not just consist of SEO and web design solutions. Our conversion optimization agency builds a well-rounded conversion rate digital marketing strategy to maximize the use of your website and social media platforms. We leverage CRO audit reports to generate more buzz for your brand and improve the click rates of your call to action buttons. Discover what our clients have to say about the quality of our account management and conversion rate digital marketing services.

Proven Track Record of Success

Tecbpo is a leading CRO agency with a growing list of awards and accolades for providing customer-centric conversion optimization and digital marketing services. We’re a conversion optimization agency that gets results – but that’s not all we are. We also teach you the nitty-gritty of the conversion optimization processes we implement to ensure we are on the same page. Need expert insights, a simple answer to, “What is a call to action?” or tips on how to increase conversion rate? Our conversion rate optimization consultant has got you covered!

Ongoing CRO Audits

An Econsultancy report revealed that businesses with high conversion rates perform 50 percent more split testing solutions than other companies. This proves that A/B split testing is not a one-time marketing effort. Trends and user behavior constantly change. To ensure you stay on top of the competition, your website and landing page design must adapt. Our CRO agency performs scheduled A/B testing and a regular CRO audit to optimize your website pages and marketing materials and generate more leads and conversions. We can also run campaign audits upon request – just let us know when you need a CRO report, and we’ll generate it and analyze the results for you.

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